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  1. Tire Outlet - Yulee Grand Opening Celebration

    Tire Outlet Opens 12th Location in Yulee, Florida.

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  2. Vehicle Struts vs. Shocks: Essential Facts and Tips

    What do struts do on a car? And what do shocks do on a car? These parts are similar in that they impact ride quality, but they also differ in key ways.

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  3. How Long Do Common Car Maintenance and Repair Tasks Take?

    How long does an oil change take? And how long does it take to change a tire? Learn how long it takes to complete these tasks and more.

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  4. What Do the Numbers on a Tire Mean

    Find out how to read a tire, and how to use this information to properly care for and drive on your vehicle's tires.

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  5. Cracked Tires: When They're Unsafe

    Cracks in your tires are unavoidable—and ignoring them could be costly.

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  6. How to Test with a Penny or a Quarter

    This simple test lets you check your tire tread depth in just a few seconds. Use the tire tread penny test or quarter test to see if you need new tires.

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  7. The Best Mud Parks and Off-Roading Trails in Florida

    Discover exciting off-roading trails and mud parks close to home in Florida where you can try out your new mud tires!

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  8. 8 Signs Your Car Battery is Dead (Or Dying)

    8 Signs Your Car Battery is Dead (Or Dying) There are ways to tell if your battery is going dead. Following these steps can prevent you from being stranded.

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  9. How Often Should You Get a Tire Alignment Done?

    How Often Should You Get a Tire Alignment Done? An alignment on your vehicle should normally last 10,000 miles. If you need alignment, visit any Tire Outlet.

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  10. What to Do If You Have a Tire Blowout

    Having a tire blowout can put you in a scary position while driving. Learn our safety guidelines for what to know before it happens on our Tire Outlet Blog!

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