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December 06, 2020

The Best Mud Parks and Off-Roading Trails in FL

Off-roading is a popular adventure sport that lets drivers push their all-terrain vehicles to the limit. Driving through mud and across rugged terrain takes a certain kind of vehicle and a certain kind of driver, but for off-roading enthusiasts in Florida, the adrenaline rush is worth the cost of a car wash at the end of the day. If you’ve been asking yourself, "Where can I find the best off-road trails near me?" after buying new mud tires, allow us to offer the following list of best-known mud parks and off-road parks in Florida—as well as some basic tips to keep you and your vehicle safe on these adventures.

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The 5 Best Off-Road Trails in Florida

Looking for a trail that offers an intimate—and adrenaline-pumping—off-road experience in Florida's natural landscapes?

Here are some popular destinations to choose from:

  • Big Cypress National Preserve: This popular destination attracts plenty of non-ATV visitors, but it offers a massive trail system to turn your off-road experience into a choose-your-own-adventure. Plan your trip to Big Cypress ahead of time, as you will need to be approved for a permit, along with other requirements for lawful off-roading.
  • Ocala National Forest: One of the more intimate off-road trail experiences can be found in this national forest, which offers narrow, thrilling trails for quick turns. These trails don't allow you to reach the high speeds that other trails might, but what you lose in speed, you gain in immersion with your natural surroundings.
  • Withlacoochee State Forest: Similar to Big Cypress, the trail offerings at Withlacoochee are extensive and complemented by plenty of non-ATV attractions, such as on-site camping and wildlife-viewing options. If you're looking for a multi-day destination for off-roading in Florida, this might be the spot.
  • Croom Wildlife Management Area: Looking for a highly rated trail off the beaten path? Located just north of Tampa, the Croom Trail at this off-roading destination offers a moderate 10-mile course that offers excellent views of local wildflowers, along with year-round access.
  • Lazy Springs Recreation Park: Bring the whole family to Lazy Springs, where you can choose from a wide range of off-road trail options, while also keeping kids happy with swimming, lake swings, zip-line, and other forms of entertainment.

The Top 4 Mud Parks in Florida

Looking for an open space to kick up a bunch of mud? Before you look up "off-roading near me," consider the following destinations:

  • Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park: The setting is as fun as the name suggests, featuring a massive mud hole along with muddy and dry racetracks, and an obstacle course for inclined drivers. One of the perks of this mud park is an on-site car wash, allowing you to clean up your vehicle.
  • Devil's Garden Mud Club: Multiple mud holes can be found at Devil's Garden Mud Club, which offers more than 1,200 acres of activities, along with a specialty obstacle course for Jeep drivers.
  • Hog Waller Mud Bog: This large ATV space is centered around a massive mud pit and is surrounded by wooded scenery. RV and camping sites make this an easy option for a multi-day ATV adventure.
  • Graveyard Mud Park: With three mud pits to choose from, Graveyard offers one of the most popular ATV destinations in northern Florida and often attracts visitors from Georgia and Alabama.

Tips for a Safe Off-Road Adventure

As you plan your off-roading adventure, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Bring more than one vehicle when off-roading. If you're going with friends, separate into two vehicles—that way you still have a transportation option if one of the vehicles gets stuck or damaged.
  • Tell others where you plan to go off-roading. In the event of an emergency, it's important to keep someone else informed of where you're going, and when you plan to be back.
  • Pack first-aid and survival supplies. Prepare for any scenario by packing food, blankets, extra clothing, fire starters, water, and other basic equipment to help you survive at least a night stranded outdoors. You will also want first-aid supplies. 
  • Practice safety when driving. This includes always wearing a seatbelt, keeping your hands, arms and head inside the vehicle at all times, and never off-roading with people in the truck bed or otherwise unsecured.

With so many options to choose from, you can visit many different ATV parks in Florida and enjoy off-roading across a wide range of local, beautiful landscapes.

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