October 22, 2022

Different Types of Tires For Your Car, Truck, or SUV

Tires are an essential part of your vehicle. Tires affect every aspect of driving, from seat comfort to traction. You need the right tires to get the most out of your vehicle and for your safety. There are five types of car tires for driving in Jacksonville: all-season, summer, performance, all-terrain, and mud terrain. These tires are designed for different driving conditions and have unique tread patterns. 

All-season tires provide a balance between performance and comfort, and they are ideal for everyday driving needs. These tires provide enough traction in wet and dry conditions. All-season tires also perform well in light snow if you travel up north. Their tread pattern offers added stability and reliability on the road.  

Summer tires provide a good balance of handling and grip on dry surfaces. They're great for cornering at higher speeds but not for wet surfaces or cold conditions. Summer tires generally have slicker large grooves and a finer tread pattern with thinner space between the treads.  

Performance tires offer maximum grip and handling on dry roads but provide poor braking performance on wet roads. They feature a lower aspect ratio and stiff sidewall, allowing higher cornering speeds. The tread pattern helps improve drying time and passing grip, but it also increases the risk of aquaplaning on wet roads.

All-terrain tires provide a combination of capabilities, making them an ideal choice for off-roading and city driving. They feature a robust tread pattern with wider tread blocks to provide off-road traction with added depth between the channels for increased stability on wet roads. All-terrain tires also include stronger sidewalls for improved handling on rocky terrain.

Mud terrain tires work best for off-roading on sandy, muddy, or rocky terrain as they feature an aggressive tread pattern with deep channels and sturdy sidewalls to help remove mud, sand, and rocks while providing extra traction. These tires also provide excellent traction and grip on wet roads, making them an ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts who need a tire that can handle various conditions.   

No matter your vehicle type, it's essential to choose the right tire for your driving conditions and needs. All-season, summer, performance, all-terrain, and mud-terrain tires have different features that make them ideal for various applications. 

Contact the tire experts at Tire Outlet to help you select the right tire for your driving conditions. Our mobile tire installation division can install your new tires at home or work, or we have 15 locations in the Jacksonville area. 

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