1. Cracked Tires: When They're Unsafe

    Cracks in your tires are unavoidable—and ignoring them could be costly.

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  2. How to Test with a Penny or a Quarter

    This simple test lets you check your tire tread depth in just a few seconds. Use the tire tread penny test or quarter test to see if you need new tires.

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  3. The Best Mud Parks and Off-Roading Trails in FL

    Discover exciting off-roading trails and mud parks close to home in Florida where you can try out your new mud tires!

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  4. 8 Signs Your Car Battery is Dead (Or Dying)

    8 Signs Your Car Battery is Dead (Or Dying) There are ways to tell if your battery is going dead. Following these steps can prevent you from being stranded.

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  5. How Often Should You Get a Tire Alignment Done?

    How Often Should You Get a Tire Alignment Done? An alignment on your vehicle should normally last 10,000 miles. If you need alignment, visit any Tire Outlet.

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  6. What to Do If You Have a Tire Blowout

    Having a tire blowout can put you in a scary position while driving. Learn our safety guidelines for what to know before it happens on our Tire Outlet Blog!

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  7. Should You Plug or Patch Your Tire?

    Should you plug or patch a tire? Learn for yourself before taking your tire to get repaired. Learn the top 4 safety tire repair factors on the Tire Outlet Blog!

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  8. Tire Speed Rating Codes: What They Mean

    Tire speed rating codes are important when you’re buying new or different tires. Check out our tire speed rating chart on the Tire Outlet blog, and learn more.

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  9. Tire Load Index: What It Means

    If you need to use your vehicle to carry a large load, make sure to check your tire load index. Find your load carrying capacity on the Tire Outlet blog today.

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  10. What Are Tires Made Of?

    Tire manufacturing is a complicated process that involves synthetic materials to produce tires that are not just strong but leave a smaller carbon footprint.

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