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  1. What to Do If You Have a Tire Blowout

    Having a tire blowout can put you in a scary position while driving. Learn our safety guidelines for what to know before it happens on our Tire Outlet Blog!

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  2. Should You Plug or Patch Your Tire?

    Should you plug or patch a tire? Learn for yourself before taking your tire to get repaired. Learn the top 4 safety tire repair factors on the Tire Outlet Blog!

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  3. Tire Speed Rating Codes: What They Mean

    Tire speed rating codes are important when you’re buying new or different tires. Check out our tire speed rating chart on the Tire Outlet blog, and learn more.

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  4. Tire Load Index: What It Means

    If you need to use your vehicle to carry a large load, make sure to check your tire load index. Find your load carrying capacity on the Tire Outlet blog today.

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  5. What Are Tires Made Of?

    Tire manufacturing is a complicated process that involves synthetic materials to produce tires that are not just strong but leave a smaller carbon footprint.

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  6. Wheel Offset and Backspacing Explained

    What Does “Wheel Offset” Mean? If You Are Shopping For New Tires To Fit Custom Centerline Wheels, You Will Need To Learn How To Properly Calculate A Perfect Fit

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  7. The Best Fuel-Efficient Tires for Cars and Trucks: A Quick Guide

    Discover the best fuel-efficient tire for your vehicle. Find the tire that fits your model vehicle and schedule an appointment for a mobile tire installation!

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  8. Do Florida Cars Rust? How to Take Care of Your Car in Florida

    You might be surprised to hear that but yes, Cars do rust in Florida and we have the answer. Find out the ways to store a car & protect it from extreme heat!

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  9. How to Get a Your Tires Replaced Without Leaving Your House During Quarantine

    Get Your Tires Installed Without Leaving Your House! All Tire Outlet Stores Provide Mobile Tire Installation. Select a Tire On Our Site, and Schedule An Appt.

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  10. 8 Reasons Your Car A/C Is Blowing Out Hot Air

    Hot weather is just around the corner. Stop by any Tire Outlet store. We provide Expert A/C inspection to keep you cool in hot sunny Florida year round!

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