November 10, 2020 Posted in Careers

Tire Technician

Job Description

A Tire Technician is responsible for the dismounting, mounting and balancing of all tires sold. The Tire Technician may also be required to install any other products sold. General job functions include driving a customer's vehicle onto the lift, adequately securing the vehicle prior to dismounting the tires and wheels and then re-attaching all tires and wheels to ensure proper safe operation of the vehicle. Other duties include handling scrap (or take-off-tires) placing them neatly into the storage area, and many miscellaneous duties that you will be directed to perform.


  • Perform general maintenance  on customer vehicles.

  • Properly secure vehicle to lift to ensure safe operation

  • Properly dismount and remount tires and wheels securely on vehicle

  • Properly dismount and remount tires onto wheels without damaging either

  • Operate all related equipment and tools as trained

  • Operate independently and as a team member

  • Perform and demonstrate Customer Service Satisfaction

  • Operate safely and perform as listed below

  • Test the functionality of parts and systems

  • Inspect vehicles and recommend to service advisor necessary repairs

  • Install TPMS monitors and Reset TPMS lights

  • Prepared to get additional certifications as needed.

  • Willingness to learn with hands-on training.

  • Help keep repair shop clean and organized.

  • Keep a professional appearance.

Physical Demands: 

Employee is frequently required to operate machinery and repetitively grasp objects simply and firmly and use fine manipulation dexterity. Employee must occasionally sit, stand, walk, squat/kneel, crawl/kneel, bend/stoop, twist/turn, push/pull, flex/extend/ rotate neck and wrists, rotate forearms, reach vertically and horizontally, and lift and carry up to 75+ lbs. Must be able to use hands together and separately at all levels from ankle to above head. Must use both feet together, separately and repetitively to operate equipment. Specific vision abilities include close vision, distance vision, peripheral vision and depth perception. Must be able to hear and follow instructions. 

Work Hazards: 

Stand and walk on dusty or wet floors. Climb ladders and crouch under equipment. Handle chemicals and dry materials with hazards associated with each of them. Use/operate tools and equipment to perform various maintenance and/or production tasks. Work around moving machinery and in confined spaces.  Lift up to 75+ lbs.  Work with hoses and connections which may sometimes spray chemicals, ingredients when broken down. 

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