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Assistant Manager

Job Description

The Assistant Manager is responsible for building a strong customer relationship and selling the services offered while maintaining profitability. They greet and consult customers on service needs, perform a thorough vehicle walk around inspection as part of the write-up, sell and up sell services by emphasizing value, keep customers updated on services, and take ownership of the customers experience by carrying out solid customer service making certain an impressionable experience has been left.


  • Ensure that customers receive prompt, courteous, and effective service. 

  • Coordinate with technicians to upsell goods and services to increase profitability.

  • Maintain designated store profit margins and increase sales as often as possible.

  • Maintain store inventory and order/reorder parts and tires when needed. 

  • Maintain cash drawer operations.

  • Assist with end of day reporting.

  • Prioritize required services, and be prepared to provide options upon request.

  • Help company bring on new fleets and customers and maintain current customers.

  • Keep customer informed on completion times, service expenses, and possible changes.

  • Ensure customer has a positive customer service experience. 

  • Interact with customers to know the nature of their automotive problems.

  • Handle telephone and personal inquiries from customers.

  • Test drive vehicles with customers to understand the problems in vehicles.

  • Consult with mechanics about necessary repairs and possible alternatives to expensive work

  • Answer questions about service outcome (after consulting with mechanic if necessary)

  • Advise customers about warranty protections and potential cost savings.

  • Know the product well enough to answer characteristic and operational questions regarding the customer’s vehicle.

  • Prepare a list of problems, the estimates and the time taken to complete the repairs.

  • Secure agreement from customers while taking over their vehicles for repairs.

  • Advise customers on taking care of their vehicles.

  • Provide customers the recommended preventative maintenance, tips and techniques on maintaining their vehicles.

  • Inform customers promptly in the event of additional repairs.

  • Coordinate sales/services with Outside Managers.

  • Deliver repaired vehicles to customers on time.

  • Adhere to company safety standards, policies and procedures.

  • Obtain additional certification as needed.

  • Possess a willingness to learn with hands-on training.

  • Help keep repair shop clean and organized.

  • Keep a professional appearance.

Physical Demands: 

Employee is frequently required to operate machinery and repetitively grasp objects simply and firmly and use fine manipulation dexterity. Employee must occasionally sit, stand, walk, squat/kneel, crawl/kneel, bend/stoop, twist/turn, push/pull, flex/extend/ rotate neck and wrists, rotate forearms, reach vertically and horizontally, and lift and carry up to 75 lbs. Must be able to use hands together and separately at all levels from ankle to above head. Must use both feet together, separately and repetitively to operate equipment. Specific vision abilities include close vision, distance vision, peripheral vision and depth perception. Must be able to hear and follow instruction. 

Work Hazards: 

Stand and walk on dusty or wet floors. Climb ladders and crouch under equipment. Handle chemicals and dry materials with hazards associated with each of them. Use/operate tools and equipment to perform various maintenance and/or production tasks. Work around moving machinery and in confined spaces.  Lift up to 75+ lbs.  Work with hoses and connections which may sometimes spray chemicals, ingredients when broken down. 

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