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Battery Replacement - Schedule

No one wants to start their day with a weak or dead battery! The average car battery lasts 4 to 5 years. At Tire Outlet, we offer a variety of battery services and special offers to help you keep costs as low as possible. We know when battery's die that it's usually unexpected. Nothing is more frustrating than turning your vehicle's ignition and nothing happens. Luckily, if you find yourself in this situation, our service experts are here for you.

Your vehicle's electrical system operates many important features on your car, including the windshield wipers, radio, headlights, windows, and, of course, charging your cell phone! Your car battery, starter, and alternator are the three main components of the starting and charging systems. It's important that these components are working properly for the safe operation of your vehicle.

Here are some signs that it might be time for a new battery:

  • Trouble starting your engine or extended cranking time
  • Battery warning light illuminates in the dashboard
  • Dim headlights
  • The smell of melting plastic
  • Missing or blown fuses
  • Loss of accessory power

If your vehicle is showing signs of electrical failure, bring your vehicle to Tire Outlet. Our ASE certified technicians will evaluate your vehicle's battery, starter, and alternator. We will diagnose the problem and get your vehicle back in proper working condition.

Want to save on battery services? Tire Outlet has you covered. Check out our current specials that include valuable services off new battery replacement. Don't get stuck at work or in your garage with a dead battery. Call us today for battery services, and we'll get you on your way quickly!

Battery Inspection

  • Test your battery for bad cells and cold cranking amps
  • Test your starter
  • Test your alternator

Battery Replacement $129 and up

  • Clean the battery terminals
  • Install new battery
  • Install new connections
  • Install new tie-downs


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