Federal Himalaya Iceo Tires

Studless Winter Passenger Car tire.


  • Special winter compound - multicell/foamy compound (also called "Nordic") rich with high distribution silica
  • Micro-pumps on tread blocks
  • Fully 3D zig-zag shaped sipes
  • More slope angle on outer side of groove walls
  • Bumps on groove walls
  • Center rib design features empty pitches, with long and narrow following wide and short
  • Wide circumferential and lateral grooves
  • Shoulder blocks feature w-shaped micro-grooves
  • Use of 9 different tread block shapes
  • Marked with Alpine Symbol


  • To maintain elasticity and frictive qualities of tire tread in extremely low temperatures and guarantee consistent performance
  • For enhanced ice surface performance, eliminating slippery factor and improving grip
  • Improve wet asphalt traction
  • Help enhance rigidity of tread blocks and thus help to maintain maximum contact patch and to minimize shape twist of grooves for better water/slush evacuation
  • To improve cornering traction and stability
  • To disrupt air flow and reduce noise generation
  • Improving accelerating traction and reducing noise, and S-shaped sipe to enhance accelerating traction
  • Designed to evacuate water and slush efficiently
  • Increase responsiveness of tire while cornering, also being an addition to decorative pattern of shoulder outer wall
  • To help decrease noise


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