Firestone Fs860 Tires

All-Position Radial Commercial Truck Tire Engineered Specifically for Refuse, High-Scrub, Short Haul Applications.


  • Special compound
  • Wider belt package and reinforced bead
  • Aggressive tread blocks
  • Stone rejection platform
  • Angled grooves
  • Solid shoulder design
  • Sidewall protector ribs
  • Meets 3PMSF criteria


  • For improved wear performance and longer life
  • Enhances casing durability for excellent retreadability
  • Designed to bite into soft surfaces for excellent traction
  • Prevent trapped stones from pushing deeper into tread grooves and piercing belt layer
  • Provide biting edges that help promote wet traction
  • Distributes weight and torque to fight irregular wear and block squirm for outstanding, even wear
  • Designed to fight curbing and abrasion damage to help enhance durability
  • For snow traction performance


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