Firestone Shark Wheel Swift (AG Wheel Assembly) Tires

SWIFT (Sine Wave Innovative Flotation and Traction wheel), a Non-Pneumatic (Air-Free) tire for Use on Lateral Move and Center Pivot Irrigation Equipment that Features an Innovative Sinusoidal Tread Design, which Minimizes Rutting.


  • Bi-directional tread pattern
  • Modular design
  • Airless
  • Paddles comprised of spring steel with overmolded rubber
  • Out-of-phase wheels push soil toward center unlike a traditional wheel


  • Allows the wheel to work equally well in both directions with sufficient bite
  • For 60 second fixes in field if any modular paddles break
  • Can never go flat, ensuring productivity and efficiency
  • Provide flex to absorb load and increase surface area to minimize drivetrain failures
  • Significantly reduces soil compaction and rutting


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