Nokian Tyre Cline Cargo Tires

All-Season Commercial Light Truck/Van tire.


  • Special clinch rubber compound
  • Commercial construction
  • Aramid sidewall
  • Driving Safety Indicator (DSI)
  • Triangular support
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Makes the bead area more durable when handling massive loads and minimizes cabin noise
  • Durable steel belt package
  • Sidewall compound that is exceptionally durable and puncture-resistant
  • As the tire wears, the DSI fades, allowing you to quickly and accurately check tread depth
  • Increase the lateral stiffness of the tire’s shoulder area, this is especially important when carrying heavier loads and the support enables slower wear and longer optimal tire shape
  • Nokian Tyres uses only low aromatic, purified oils in production

Nokian Tyre

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