Nokian Tyre Ground King Tires

Agricultural Radial Multi-Purpose Tractor tire Combining All-Terrain Mobility with On-Road Performance. Suitable for Multiple Terrains Including; Field, Snow, Ice, Soft, On/Off-Road and Grassland.


  • Offers high performance in transits and road transport along with all-terrain mobility and effective power transfer on fields and work sites
  • Includes the Hybrilug™ technology, which combines the best features of lug and block patterns
  • Utilizes high-grade, wear resistant tread compound in the pattern which offers extended ground contact area compared to standard traction pattern
  • High load-bearing capacity


  • Supports the versatility of multipurpose machines
  • Offering all-terrain mobility and traction combined with high level comfort and precise response on road transports
  • Provides excellent operating hours even in extensive on-road use
  • Allows the use of heavy work implements and high loads, further expanding the diversity of tasks that can be tackled

Nokian Tyre

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