Vee Rubber Vitron ZR Tires

All-Season High Performance Passenger Car tire with Dual-Nature Technology.


  • Massive tread rubber blocks
  • Asymmetrical Dual Nature tread design
  • Multiple pitch variation shoulder blocks
  • 4 large and 1 half depth circumferential grooves
  • Angled cross grooves and sipes coupled with slightly zigzagged circumferential grooves


  • Maximize dry traction and rigid support for high speed performance and plenty of rubber-to-road contact
  • Can be mounted either side out, one side out for optimized wet cornering performance, the other side out for optimized dry cornering performance
  • Provides out of phase noise cancellation for a smooth, quite ride
  • Massive channels for efficient water evacuation provide excellent wet weather traction
  • Provide good all-season traction and eliminate "groove wandering"

Vee Rubber

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