August 16, 2022

Why You Shouldn't Put on New Brake Pads at Home

Brakes are essential for steering and stopping your vehicle and are a vital safety feature of your car. Worn brake pads do not apply enough friction to slow or stop the vehicle quickly, and without the necessary braking response, worn brake pads could lead to an accident. The brake repair professionals in Dunn - Jacksonville, FL, can replace your brake pads quickly and economically. There are factors to consider before changing brake pads at home.

Brake Pad Replacement

How often brake pads need replacing depends on the type of vehicle, driving habits, and mileage. City driving involves more stopping and turning and results in faster brake-pad wear. Indications your brake pads are worn include brake pedal sinking, grinding noise, squealing sounds, or illuminated brake lights. If the brakes require longer distances to stop, this is an indication that your brakes need inspecting immediately. Brake pad replacement is more complicated than it may seem, and mistakes in replacing brake pads are dangerous. Your braking system should be inspected annually by tire shop professionals, and an experienced mechanic should perform repairs. The specialists at Tire Outlet automotive brake repair in Lakeshore - Jacksonville, FL, can inspect and diagnose your braking system issues.

Specialized Tools

Brake pad replacement requires specific tools, such as a vehicle jack, stand, caliper device, C-clamp, metric socket, torque wrench, etc. These tools can be expensive, and using incorrect tools could damage your vehicle or cause injury. Purchasing the required tools could cost more than having an expert technician replace your brake pads.

Costly Mistakes

It is essential to correctly diagnose braking problems to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. Worn brake pads increase your vehicle’s stopping time, are a safety hazard, and could result in an accident. Delay in replacing worn brake pads may damage the rotors and result in a costly repair.

Time Spent

An experienced auto brake specialist near me can quickly diagnose braking issues and recommend necessary repairs. If you're inexperienced with auto repair, learning the procedure, purchasing the correct tools, and performing the repairs can take substantial time. If the problem is not accurately diagnosed, proper repair will not be performed. Faulty and unnecessary repairs are costly and time-consuming. Improperly installing brake pads or incorrectly putting your brake system back together creates a hazardous driving condition. It is essential to have an experienced technician inspect and diagnose your braking system to ensure the repairs are done correctly.

Tire Outlet Brake Pad Replacement

Routine maintenance and inspection can avoid the dangers of driving with worn brake pads. Tire Outlet offers a complete brake pad replacement service for all vehicle types. Schedule an appointment today for a brake pad inspection.

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