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Tire Installation

As you can tell from our name, Tire servicing is our speciality. Whether you are buying from us directly or bringing in a replacement set with you for installation, the ASE certified technicians at Tire Outlet will make sure your tires are mounted and balanced correctly!

Tire Installation Service (Includes Mounting And Balancing)

  • Aspect Ratio of 50 and higher$15/tire
  • Aspect Ratio of 45 and lower$20/tire

Which tires should I buy for my vehicle?

If you do not know what tires you need, we have access to nearly every tire you could possibly think of at wholesale pricing. Our technicians will evaluate your vehicle and recommend the best tire, within your price range, for you to purchase. Tire Outlet's #1 priority is your safety, so we will always recommend the best tire for you and your budget!

What if I already have the tires I want and just need them installed?

If you are planning to buy tires online and have them mounted at a Tire Outlet location, please keep the following information in mind:

  • Confirm the tires you are interested in are compatible with the make & model of your vehicle
  • It is highly recommended to purchase all 4 tires at the same time. If you are buying less than 4 tires, please make sure they match the rest of the tires on your vehicle


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