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Wheel and Tire Balancing

Wheel balancing promotes a smooth ride, better fuel efficiency, even tire wear, and longer tread life.

Here are the symptoms that show your tires need to be balanced:

  • Vibrations when driving
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Shaking steering wheel
  • Rough handling at highway speed

    An imbalance can lead to premature wear of the tires, struts, shocks and other steering and suspension parts.

    Improper balancing can be a safety issue for you and your passengers. Based on industry recommendations, a wheel balance should be done every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

    If you're unsure that your vehicle needs balanced, our Tire Outlet ASE certified technicians will evaluate the situation and get you back on the road in no time!

    Wheel and Tire Balancing

    • Tire and wheel removal$10 per tire
    • Mounting each wheel on a state-of-the-art balancing machine
    • Spinning each wheel to make sure the weight of the wheel and tire are balanced evenly around the axle
    • Detecting and locating any imbalance
    • Attaching a lead weight on the opposite side of the tire to compensate for weight differences
    • Remounting tires and wheels

    Roadforce Balancing

    • Diagnose and resolve runout or force variation vibrations$5 add-on


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