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Having your wheels properly aligned is an essential safety element of your vehicle.

In order to keep your wheels properly aligned, we recommend avoiding potholes and other abnormal road conditions such as bumps, uneven pavement, and rough terrain. If you have to encounter one of these situations, you should drive slowly to prevent your alignment from being thrown off.

Misaligned wheels can cause:

  • Pulling or drifting of the vehicle to one side
  • Shaking of the steering wheel
  • Difficulty steering or turning
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Poor tire wear

Wheel Alignments come with a 6 month Warranty

Visit Tire Outlet today for a FREE alignment check. Properly aligned wheels provide safe driving, better steering control, increased fuel economy, and longer tire life.

FREE Alignment Check

Maximize mileage and reduce abnormal wear on your tires


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